I’m a tech enthusiast who loves an adventure and to travel. I’m also very passionate about “Knowledge Development” and “Knowledge Sharing”.

Even though now I don’t get many opportunities, I love experiencing extreme thrill rides (truly scary rides). I consider myself as an “Adrenaline Junkie”… I just can’t help but to feel my best and to feel alive the most when I’m experiencing the adrenaline rushing through my veins…

Although I have missed out few opportunities in the past, Sky diving is still number 1 in my bucket list. Aspiring to do a 14,000 feet jump for my first experience very soon.

Other Interests;
I’m a YouTubaholic and a Webaholic!
Movie buff – especially documentaries and movies with a substance or good casual comedy.
Fascinated and loves reading about Space and Astronomy.
Enjoys studying about human Psychology.
Thoroughly enjoys driving, hill country side, beach during sun set, nature, cool calm and serene places…
Chillout progressive trance, Chillout, Ambient, jazz fusion, EDM kinda music.