Textiles of the future

Amazing!! I stumbled upon this YouTube clip by accident and it was to my amazement that the clip had been posted in 2007. Most of the technology shared and spoken here are some of the cutting edge technologies we are still trying to harness and perfect.

Textiles that has built in protection against staining using Nano technology, stain resistant material, bacteria resistant material, mosquito resistant/repellent materials, materials that can absorb smell or reduce perspiration, materials that can monitor your heart rate or your breathing pattern… hmmm…

It is typical like in the automobile industry till the early 2000’s, it was very shy to marry cutting edge Hi-End technology as its product development life cycle was significantly wide. It took a long time to get in sync to the rhythm of high speed and very narrow development life cycle of electronics/Information and Communication technology.

However, after the mid 2000’s, this too became rapidly narrower and now the automobile industry embraces cutting edge Hi-End technology fairly confidently and seamlessly. This is the very reason why we see exponential improvements with respect to technology related features in modern day automobiles.

I see the same transition happening to the world of fabrics and textile. The marriage between Apparel and cutting edge Hi-End technology is taking place as we speak/type. Soon it will be the honeymoon period and both will be in perfect sync to one-another. Their offspring will be of grate significance which will make a colossal impact on almost every human being (7.3 billion) and our planet.